Jimin from BTS Jimin from BTS

BTS' Jimin knows how to use his 'cuteness overload'

Why is Jimin from BTS so cute? Everyone is asking about it. The idol knows how powerful his charisma is as a benefit.

All the members of BTS have really different personalities that match perfectly when they are together. Suga is calm, RM is super smart and Jimin is cute. No matter what the Idol is doing, the fans are under recurrent heart attacks thanks to his lovely gestures.

There's no doubt Jimin is a handsome man but, at the same time, on multiple occasions he has described himself as cute. ARMY and even the rest of the members can't avoid falling for the charisma of the singer. How can Jimin be so cute? He already knows why.

Jimin is aware of his charismatic side

Since their debut BTS' Jimin was famous because of a special facial characteristic: his eye smile. Everytime the singer laughs his eyes close to form a small 'smile'.

When he was asked what ARMY loves about him, the Idol replied his petite height. As you might know he is one of the shortest members of the group and he is not ashamed of it. In this picture we can see him comparing himself to the tall leader RM.

Jimin and RM / By @vernicelca_

Jimin's hands are another physical feature of the Idol that can meltdown fans' hearts. The rest of the members have talked about it, his little hands are precious.

Jimin's hands / @winnttaebear

Jimin is not scared of showing his sweet side, he is really comfortable in his own skin. For the show "Run BTS" the staff asked the members to do 'aegyo' to get a prize, Jimin took the challenge knowing it is an easy thing for him to do.

Jimin for 'Run BTS' / By @RunBts01102015

His playful personality is one more reason to love Jimin. For an old episode of the same show while the rest of the members were focused in the game he was drowning his socks with cute emojis. Maybe he didn't help too much to win the game, but he achieved his own goal: make the members laugh.

Jimin for 'Run BTS' / By @mimiphiles

If we include his sweet actions for the BTS members and ARMY the package is ready.  He knows how to control his super power, he is making the fandom bigger and bigger. Honestly we don't mind. The world is a happier place if it’s watching Jimin cuteness.

Did you already fall for Jimin charisma? We did!

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