Jimin and his new tattoos Jimin and his new tattoos

BTS' Jimin has some new tattoos, what are their meanings?

ARMY noticed Jimin's new tattoos, what new designs will he carry on his skin forever from now on?

We know that some of the BTS members have tattoos and Jimin is one of them, who now has some new designs on his skin, what do these new tattoos mean?

BTS members are extremely talented and skilled, dedicated in their music and performances. Each of them also have a cute personality that they show for ARMY, as well as different styles and visuals. All its features come together to completely conquer the public.

Park Jimin is one of Bangtan Sonyeondan's idols, he is an expert dancer who has always shone with his natural talent and polished his skills as a BigHit Entertainment trainee. Jimin also has a beautiful voice that we can't stop admiring in each Bangtan song as he gives it a special touch in each track.

We can also highlight Jimin's amazing visuals, he is a really attractive idol, with delicate physical characteristics and also manly. He has conquered a lot of fans who do not stop admiring his talents but also his beauty. In addition, Mochi also has its own style and essence that captivate us.

And Jimin has added tattoos to his style, we already knew the previous designs he had on his skin, but now he has a couple of new tattoos that ARMY could admire, what new ink does the BTS idol wear?

Jimin got two new tattoos, these are their meanings

ARMY noticed two new Jimin tattoos upon BTS' arrival at Mnet studios to record M! Countdown, the first of these new tattoos is the number 7. This confirms that the '7' tattoo is one that all members of Bangtan got. Jimin has it on the index finger of his left hand.

Jimin's new tattoo of '7' | Twitter: @nicolle971_

Jimin's second tattoo is more of a continuation of one he had previously, he put all the phases of the moon on his back, so the one just below his neck continues with more down his back.

Jimin new tattoo of the moon phases | Twitter: @Jiminssi_ilove

How many tattoos does Jimin have now?

Jimin has a total of 6 tattoos, well if we count the phases of the moon as 1 and his phrase 'Young Forever' as 1 that would also be six. Here we leave you the list and a photo of his tattoos.

  1. 7
  2. 13
  3. Phases of the moon
  4. Young Forever
  5. Youth
  6. Nevermind
Jimin's tattoos | Twitter: @dailyjimn

 Would you get a tattoo inspired by Jimin's? Each of them has an extremely important meaning for the BTS idol, which one is your favorite?

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