Jimin goes viral with this video of Permission To Dance On Stage Jimin goes viral with this video of Permission To Dance On Stage

BTS' Jimin goes viral with this video that you won't stop watching

Jimin was really happy during the last BTS concerts and this new viral video proves it

ARMY can't stop watching Jimin's viral video, what makes it so special? It reveals that this BTS member was having a great time during Permission To Dance On Stage.

There is nothing that BTS loves the most than being in front of its audience singing and dancing to each of the idol group's songs. And it is that the drought of concerts had everyone desperate to see their favorite artists again and for Bangtan Sonyeondan there was no exception.

ARMY really wanted to be able to see the Bangtan Boys live once again, with a show as spectacular as the one they always put and great moments that make each concert an unforgettable night for both idols and their fans. And with Permission To Dance On Stage all this becomes a reality.

Finally, BTS and ARMY can meet in a venue and sing every song together with the boy band's face-to-face concerts. And the best thing is that they won't limit themselves and invite everyone to this party, since the shows are also streamed online so that fans from all over the world can watch them.

And precisely, during Permission To Dance On Stage, Jimin had a simply amazing and energetic moment. He was caught on video and now it's going viral among ARMYs for this little reason.

Jimin goes viral for his great joy and excitement during this BTS concert

BTS was performing their song 'Airplane Part 2', one that is full of energy and power, as well as it spreads a lot of adrenaline and exciment, something that will cause the idols to improvise a fun and slightly euphoric dance for their fans. So Park Jimin was having the time of his life on stage.

It is at that moment that Jimin decided to slap the air and then realized how funny it must look because of the way he did it, he was caught on video that now became viral.

 ARMY can't stop watching this video, this dance technique has never been seen before by the fandom and Jimin simply shows us all his talents on stage.

Why is Jimin's video going viral?

Maybe it's because it reminds us of a TikTok trend, that one which has the song called 'Like A River' and it's a dance made of thrusts and a bit of what looks like spanking the air, so maybe Jimin did this dance but with his own song, adding a bit of K-Pop to this trend.

The original video of Jimin dancing quickly reached a million views and so far ARMY can't stop watching it, it's so much fun and full of the energy of this incredible singer and dancer.

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