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BTS' Jimin description of himself during his rookie days was the cutest thing

BTS from Jimin is one of the most famous Korean artists of the world. In the early days of the group the Idol was really shy. This is what he used to do.

The K-Pop sensation BTS always takes the stage to shock the world with unbelievable performances. Thanks to the presence and moves of the singers they offer just quality shows.

Jimin stands out because of his amazing dancing skills. ARMY loves how confident the Idol looks while he is performing. 

If you haven't fallen for Jimin's talents, you will do it for his lovely personality. The singer of "Serendipity" has a beautiful smile and the ability to act super cute naturally.

Jimin from BTS / By @BangtanAddict_7

The good looking Idol used to be shy during his rookie days. We are telling you a story to melt your heart.

Jimin from BTS used to be really shy with ARMY

Back in 2013 BTS opened their Twitter account. The group was getting used to talking with the fans via social media.

Apparently Jimin's confidence wasn't as good and strong as it is today. One of the most common requests of the fanatics is a selfie. Jimin was really shy so he'd prefer to describe himself.

Jimin post on Twitte / By @aphroditjmn

He asked the fans to draw him using his description of himself:

I have uneven eyes. Both my eyes are always puffy. I also don't have double eyelids.

The Idol said his lips are a little bit think and described his face in a pretty cute way:

My face type is round egg! My forehead is wide but I will cover it with my hair. I also have a lot of cheek fat. (I have a lot of fat on my face).

Jimin's tweet / By @aphroditjmn

What do you think of Jimin's cute description? We wonder how he would describe himself nowadays.

Read here what BTS members think of eachother, they're so honest.

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