Jimin from BTS Jimin from BTS

BTS' Jimin describes all the details to have a perfect weekend with ARMY

How do you imagine the perfect date between you and Jimin? The member of BTS has revealed his plans for a weekend with ARMY.

Recently the members of BTS revealed the things they prefer to do on their free days. From person to person we have different ways to gain energy. Apparently, most of the Idols in this group like more to stay indoors.

There is a special activity that all of them enjoy doing outdoors and with thousands of people. Yes, you right! We are talking about their concerts face to face with ARMY.

Jimin confessed his ideal weekend with the fans. Do you want to know what his plans are?

Jimin from BTS

Jimin from BTS talks about his perfect weekend with ARMY

For an interview with the Weverse Magazine BTS' Jimin was asked for the way he usually spend the free weekends. The Idol confessed that he just stayed at home watching Tv and ordering food. He said he just need a sofa.

Jimin for 'In the Soop 2' / By @JiminWithYou22

Also he was asked if he would have a weekend to spend with ARMY what he would do? His  answered i not a surprise:

I want to have a concert.  I would like to meet ARMY at a place where we can perform. My second choice would be to go for a drive.

Nevertheless, if you want to travel with Jimin you need to meet an important requirement. You need a driving license because the Idol is not that confident.

ARMY has to drive. I'm still a beginner driver, so I'll be riding shotgun and talking a lot.

Jimin driving / By @ikissgrl4

Finally he concluded with a sweet message for the fans. He is wishing the fanatics could enjoy the weekend no matter if they are feeling that it is a waste of time. 

Sometimes you need to forget about everything and take a moment for complete relaxation.

What do you think about it? Are you ready to spend a weekend with Jimin?

Meanwhile, RM is spending his free time watching a K-Drama. We are telling you which one  he likes.

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