Jimin and Jin's April Fools' pranks Jimin and Jin's April Fools' pranks

BTS' Jimin and Jin start April Fools' pranks on Instagram

Jin and Jimin have a great sense of humor and their new pranks to celebrate April Fools' show it

BTS is synonymous with fun and Jin and Jimin start with April Fools' jokes for their fans, what did they do on Instagram?

The members of BTS have not only made their fans fall in love with their songs, but also with their beautiful personalities and moments where they usually show a little more about themselves in various content. There is no doubt that they are extremely fun and unique people for ARMY.

As Jimin, one of the most beloved idols in the K-Pop industry, he has impressed the world with his beautiful voice and incredible singing. While he also shows us the sweeter side of him in other content. He is a very funny artist he also has a great sense of humor.

But if we talk about a sense of humor Jin is the king, this member of Bangtan Sonyeondan loves to make jokes, even if they are those dad jokes that many end up liking. Seokjin has an extremely funny personality and has made ARMYs laugh at many times.

Since two Bangtan idols have already started with the jokes for April Fools' and they will surely make their fans laugh with these, what did they do as a joke?

ARMY won't stop laughing at Jin and Jimin's jokes for April Fools' on Instagram

As an April Fools' joke, Jimin and Jin from BTS decided to change their Instagram profile pictures. Jimin's is Bang PD the CEO of BigHit who has also worked as a producer, writer and much more within music. While Jin decided to change the photo of him to his almost namesake from League Of Legends, Jhin.

Jin and Jimin April Fools' joke | Twitter: @BTSChartsDailyx

LOL, what do you think about these profile pictures? It is very funny that they have changed them, it would seem like a small joke but it has made ARMY laugh with the randomness that this fact was.

BTS' April Fools' jokes have a great history 

BTS and pranks totally go hand in hand. The idol group has celebrated April Fools' with various jokes for their fans, such as in 2019 when Jin filled BTS's official Twitter with a sand fox and blamed RM. Namjoon did the same, changed everything from TW to alpacas and said it was Jin. LOL.

Jin and RM jokes on April Fools' | Twitter: @naemjooon

We'll never forget BTS' pranks on April Fools' idols are really hilarious LOL. They will never stop making ARMY laugh.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, like Juingkook who showed how mature he is by replying to a hater. 

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