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BTS Jimin: From dance student to worldwide star

Still having doubts about your future? So was Jimin, when he was young. The singer had many ambitions growing up. From wanting to become a chef to a pirate, his imagination was unstoppable. There was one thing that stayed constant through these years, and it was his love for dancing. How did his passion for dancing grow into becoming the best dancer in K-Pop? We tell you his story in the video below!

  • The 25-year-old singer, along with Jungkook, made headlines for their insane dance on Black Swan at the MMA 2020. Check it out here.
  • Jimin's dance teacher from his school revealed a video of his contemporary dance moves from a school talent show. Check out the clip here.
  • The singer was smart and talented pre-debut, and nothing about that has changed today.

Born in 1995 in the city of Busan, Jimin was always a caring and responsible child. He has told that he once took a coin he found on the street to the police station. He has always been a pure ray of sunshine. With his big heart, he had big dreams too.

Jimin at his happiest while on stage performing for fans

According to Jimin, his dreams changed often. The singer revealed that he once read a comic book and wanted to be a chef. He also said he watched 'One Piece', an anime, and decided to become a pirate.

Jimin in his Kendo attire

Although his dreams kept changing, the lead vocalist of BTS trained in a couple of things consistently. He has been trained in Kendo, which adds to his unique dance skills. Chim Chim was always a hard-working student who was every teacher's favorite and everybody's friend.

His passion for dance started at quite a young age. There are clips of his performing a classical dance from his school days. The 5'10" tall singer realized his love for dance and decided to major in modern dance at high school. Check out one of these clips below!

Can you believe he had no goals of becoming an idol, although he was a good dancer from such a young age? We are glad that his teacher realized his potential and advised him to audition. That's how he entered the Big Hit Entertainment.

His first ever interaction with BTS was meeting J-Hope, who wished to work hard together. The artist met with the dance prodigy right after passing the audition. It's like the two best dancers in the group were meant to be together.

Jimin showing off his flexibility

Today Jimin just continues to grow. His dances are always unique and exceptional. Some of our favorite performances are his MMA 2019 solo stage. It was a difficult stage to be performed live. Known for his lovely voice, exceptional dance, and attractive visuals, Jimin has become a worldwide sensation.

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