J-hope received calls from maknae line for his birthday J-hope received calls from maknae line for his birthday

BTS' J-hope received congratulatory calls from Maknae Line for his birthday

Jimin, Jungkook and V celebrated J-hope in a very unique way in the middle of their live broadcast. What did they say?

February 18 has become a very important date for ARMY as the rapper and main dancer of BTS has a birthday. As expected, ARMY prepared all kinds of projects and as usual, they also made this celebration trend on Twitter with the HT "#JhopeBirthday" and "#JhopeDay".

ARMY's shower of congratulations have been posted on this social network, of course the Idol was aware of all the love he receives from his fans so he decided to celebrate with them through a live stream, where the rapper chatted with ARMY and commented on how he was spending his birthday.

 J-Hope besides decorating his studio for his birthday, he also told ARMY about the gifts he received from Jin and also shared his birthday cake, which he showed to the camera.

Twitter @Ana16189413 / J-Hope received congratulatory calls

Maknae Line congratulates J-Hope live on air

BTS proves once again in front of the cameras how close they are and how much they value their friendship, because during the VLIVE that J-hope did to celebrate his birthday with ARMY, he got 3 unexpected calls from the Maknae Line, what did they say?

During the live, J-hope received a call from Taehyung, who congratulated him and said "I love you". J-hope updated ARMY on V's health condition, as he was recently diagnosed with COVID-19 and said that there was nothing to worry about, even though he had the virus, he was in a good condition.

The youngest of the band also congratulated J-hope on his birthday and called him in the middle of the broadcast, although there were no further details in the call. What we do know is that Jungkook sent his best wishes.

Meanwhile, Jimin called him before the live broadcast started. J-Hope took the moment to tell ARMY that Jimin got a haircut and that he sure looks more adorable than usual.

BTS members show us the beautiful friendship they have every chance they get and J-Hope's birthday was just a pretext to show ARMY what a family the band has become.

Congratulations to J-hope! 

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