Billie Eilish reaction to J-Hope wearing her Nike collection Billie Eilish reaction to J-Hope wearing her Nike collection

BTS' J-Hope wears Billie Eilish's Nike collection and this is her reaction

J-Hope showed its amazing look wearing Billie Eillish x Nike collab and the singer had the best reaction to him

How does BTS' J-Hope looks with Billie Eillish's Nike collection? The idol rocks this outfit and even Billie knows it, how did she react?

BTS is not only great for the music in which its idols work, we can admire a lot of things about these stars and when we talk about their styles, it's even more interesting. The looks and outfits Bangtan members use fit them amazingly and they're truly fashion icons now.

That's why Bangtan Sonyeondan has been working with fashion brands, collaborting with a lot of companies in this field as models and ambassadors for them. And we can't forget about the way they tend to sell out everything they wear, everyone wants to have the same style as Bangtan Boys.

Like J-Hope, who's a truly fashionista, ARMY loves to see him pick their own clothes, pose for the camera and bright with his uniqueness and great style. There are a lot of Hobi's outfits which we wish we have in our closet. And this time he wore some special clothes.

Jung Hoseok was wearing Billie Eilish collection in collaboration with Nike, the BTS idol decided to post a picture and Eilish's reaction was amazing.

Billie Eilish had a great reaction to BTS' J-Hope wearing her collection in collaboration with Nike

J-Hope decided to post a bunch of photos of him posing for the camera with the Billie Eillish collection in which she collaborated with Nike. The best thing was Billie's reaction, she had to share every photo on her stories, she looked pretty excited to see the idol wearing her clothes.

Billie Eilish on her Instagram stories | Instagram: @billiieeilish

J-Hope rocks with this outfit, to be honest, he looks pretty cool. And the best thing is that this collection is 

environmentally-friendly, so he's also showing how he cares about the planet.

J-Hope combined Nike and Louis Vuitton for this look

Even if the beanie which J-Hope is wearing with this Nike x Billie EIlish outfits looks like a part of the same collection, the truth is that this accesory comes from Louis Vuitton, so he combined both brands to make this look even more awesome.

J-Hope's beanie is from Louis Vuitton | Instagram: @uarmyhope

What do you think about this J-Hope outfit? Wasn't it amazing? We love how the idol looks in this one, Hobi is just a great model.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, do you know how many Million Sellers the group has? They're kings of sales. 

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