BTS' J-Hope true personality leaves ARMY in awe

Have you ever wondered how is BTS member's real personality? J-Hope is well known for being kind, did you know that?

ARMY knows BTS so well, fans can tell everything about their favorite band and its idols, they never doubt that the guys from this boy band are kindhearted people who spread a message of love with every single song, do you want to know more about their personalities?

When you think about Bangtan Sonyeondan, maybe the first word that comes to your mind is 'success', right? This big and popular group from South Korea has a lot of fans and their songs have become the favorites tracks of many people who stan this boy band.

But a lot of fans think about BTS' good impact when they're mentioned, the idols from this band have good personalities that can be shown with their best actions, and even J-Hope has exposed his true personality with fans and its staff.

J-Hope from BTS has shown his very true personality with this fan

BTS' J-Hope is an idol who is well known for being really kind, friendly and thoughtful, people around him has the best memories, and he has even shown who he is with their fans, ARMY shares a lot of great memories with this artist.

BTS' J-Hope surprised a fan in real life. Instagram @uarmyhope

ARMY noticed that once, during BTS' performance on Music Bank Singapore, there was a lucky fan who got to join them on stage, it was when Jung Hoseok looked at her, and he was aware that she was Muslim since the girl was wearing a hijab.

J-Hope told his bandmates to respect her and her religion, so they couldn't touch the girl since it's not permitted because of her beliefs, the other guys from Bangtan listened to what Hobi said, greeted the fan, respected her and even took a selfie with her, it was just amazing and a proof that J-Hope puts a lot of attention to his fans and know how to be kind and very respectful.

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