BTS' J-Hope for 'Arson' BTS' J-Hope for 'Arson'

BTS' J-Hope shows the preparations for 'Arson', this is what you didn't see in the music video

BTS' J-Hope's second single for "Jack In The Box" is a whole success. This is how 'Arson' was made.

Finally, the anticipated album "Jack In The Box" is here! ARMY has been waiting patiently for the first J-Hope solo album. Well, the talented rapper does not disappoint, his new music is out of this world!

As you may know, usually, the member of BTS drop cheerful tracks. He is taking on a new challenge, he is exploring a dark and thoughtful facet. The global public is already loving this style. We are in front of a genius.

J-Hope for 'Arson' / Twitter @BIGHIT_MUSIC

The talented Idol is well known for being a perfectionist that puts a lot of effort into his music. So, J-Hope worked really hard on the music video for the lead single "Arson". We are telling you all the preparations for the insane track.

J-Hope drops Vlog about 'Arson'

On July 16th BTS' official YouTube Channel dropped a J-Hope's Vlog. The rapper shared everything about his new single "Arson". This clip stars whit the Idol taking care of the detail about the outfit for the music video, a burn-look coverall designed by Bajowoo.

Hobi is a fashionist, he cannot forget about makeup and hairstyle. We watch him give his ideas about it to the staff. He says to be involved in the production of the music video. He talked with the director, we can notice his passion for his work.

J-Hope talking about 'Arson' / Twitter @Lovly_mochitwin

The recording day started pretty early in the morning since there are many scenes with fire, so rehearsals were needed. However, J-Hope just wanted to get a great music video so he attended the location nervous and excited.

For this MV, with the directing and the script, I took part in a lot of areas for the 'Arson' MV, even the outfits. [...] So in a way, many parts of the MV have my own touch.

The BTS main dancer is hoping the fans to enjoy his fierce new track. J-Hope says it is a great song for summer. We are sure, ARMY is already appreciating his hard work. Check the full vlog here.

Read more about this "Arson" here. We have all the details for you. 

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