J-Hope for 'More' J-Hope for 'More'

BTS' J-Hope shares picture with Bajowoo, designer who created the outfits for 'More'

J-Hope is a fashion icon. His new single "More" is a whole fashion show. The designer 99percentis was in charge of the outfit for this music video. 

The global public loves BTS not just because of the great music but because of its awesome fashion taste. These good-looking Idols always wear perfect outfits that will inspire fans all over the globe.

That's why the most exclusive design houses are looking for these artists to work in collaborations. Among the member, J-Hope may be the one who puts the biggest effort into building the best outfits. His looks are always on point.

J-Hope for 'More' / Twitter @BIGHIT_MUSIC

The rapper is ready to drop his first solo album. Of course, fashion is an important factor in this project. The pre-released single "More" has wonderful styles, well J-Hope worked with the designer of 99percentis to create the best outfits.

J-Hope and the designer 99percentis worked together in the music video for "More"

On July 4th J-Hope posted on his Instagram stories some pictures with the designer Bajowoo, owner of the popular fashion brand 99percentis. Both of them are wearing wild and colorful clothes.

J-Hope with Bajowoon / Twitter @hobiloves7

The disrupting designer was in charge of the outfits for the "More" music video. As we can see in the video, those clothes suit perfectly the dark concept of the track. Every single detail contributes to the fierce lyrics of J-Hope.

99percentis' post / Instagram @99percentis

Meanwhile,  on July 3rd  Bajowoo dropped on his Instagram account some pictures of the clothes we saw in "More". The designer let us know how exclusive these outfits are. He said:


J-Hope's outfits for 'More' / Instagram @99percentis

The results of this collaboration were awesome! J-Hope worked pretty hard in this single. The artist Kaws was involved in the creation of the cover, and it seems like there will be more surprises.

Do you have a favorite More outfit? We love all of them!

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