BTS' J-Hope and Lizoo BTS' J-Hope and Lizoo

BTS' J-Hope reveals that Lizzo is his best friend with lovely interaction on Instagram

BTS' J-Hope just dropped his pre-released track "More". His best friend Lizoo is supporting his new project.

There is not a single soul on the planet who doesn't know BTS. Al the members of the biggest boy group in the world are super famous. The handsome Idols have conquered the hearts o millions, including the hottest celebrities.

Let's be honest during their international schedule, J-Hope stands out because of his energetic personality. The rapper is well known for being bright and playful. Is impossible not to love his adorable laugh.

J-.Hope for 'More' / Twitter @BIGHIT_MUSIC

Recently, Bangtan had too many activities in the United States. The members, and especially Hoseok, made a lot of friends. One of those is the famous singer Lizzo. Now, this duet is revealing they are best friends forever.

Lizzo shows her support for the new J-Hope's single "More"

On July 4th the American singer Lizzo shared on her Instagram stories that she is enjoying the new single of J-Hope, "More". She tagged the member of BTS and added a short message: "Let's Gooo".

Lizzo's Intagram story / Twitter @Akira_choko

A few hours later, the Hobi replied to her story letting us how close they actually are. He wrote, "THX BBF" (Thanks, Best Friend Forever). Apparently, they truly have a close friendship. They are adorable!

J-Hope called Lizzo 'BFF' / Twitter @arvh_twt

Lizzo met BTS last year during the Harry Styles concert. The singer said it was a great moment for her. She has shared her deep admiration for the Korean group too many times. There is no doubt that she is a big fan.

Lizzo with BTS / Twitter @jungmani1397

Meanwhile, J-Hope is getting ready to dopped his first solo album. "Jack In The Box" will be here on July 15. The rapper has prepared a lot for this album. He worked with the most prestigious artists. The designer Bajowoo made the outfits for More MV. Read more about it here.

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