J-Hope for 'More' J-Hope for 'More'

BTS' J-Hope opens about working with his hero Kaws on the art of 'Jack In The Box'

The pop artist Kaws is the creator of the 'More' cover. J-Hope shared his experience working with his beloved hero.

It is hard to believe that our favorite celebrities can be fans of other artists. However, it is great to see those superstars sharing their admiration for the public figures that are inspiring them. At the end of the day, they are human as well.

Thanks to the massive popularity, nowadays everyone wants to collab with BTS. These good-looking Idols have the Midas effect. Also, it's awesome that they have the opportunity to work with the people they respect the most.

J-Hope for 'More' / Twitter @BIGHIT_MUSIC

J-Hope will be dropping his first solo album pretty soon. To increase the expectations, the rapper just released the single "More". The track is wonderful just like the art concept. The famous artist Kaws is the creator of the cover. The Idol is reveling his happiness for working with his hero.

J-Hope shares his honest feeling about the collab with Kaws

On July 1st J-Hope posted on his Instagram account some pictures of the Idol enjoying the art of the pop artist Kaws. The rapper revealed that he is working with the designer for the art of his upcoming album "Jack In The Box".

I got to work on the album cover with Kawa, the great pop art designer who I love and respect so much!!!

I've always had a special place in my heart for him, so this project is that much more meaningful and huge honor for me.

J-Hope is a fan of Kaws' work / TWitter @TOON_BTS_ARMY

The singer of "Chicken Noodle Soup" shared his gratitude with the artists. Since his rookie days, Hobi has been constantly showing his love for Kaws art. He even collects some pieces by the artist. Now he is really happy to call him friend and colleague.

J-Hope's post k/ Twitter @TOON_BTS_ARMY

At the moment, we saw the cover of the pre-released single "More". J-Hope confessed that we'll see more of the artists joining forces with his full album. We can't wait to see it!. The Idol added:

I hope you all look forward to our cover art for Jack In The Box!!!

Kaws collab with J-Hope / Twitter @detectiveamy

The first solo album of the rapper will be released on July 15th. This duet is so powerful! We just have to wait a little bit more for their job. Meanwhile, check everything about the single More. The song is out of this world.

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