BTS' J-Hope for 'Yet To Come' BTS' J-Hope for 'Yet To Come'

BTS' J-Hope opens about the most beautiful moment of his life

BTS is celebrating its 9th anniversary with a big party. After a couple of years in the industry, what was the best moment in J-Hope's life?

In BTS's words, the good-looking Idols came from the bottom. The biggest boy group in the world is constantly thinking about its success and career. Recently, they shared their thoughts with the new songs "Run BTS" and "Yet To Come".

These new tracks are included in the just-released album "Proof". As you can see in the lyrics, the group is not taking for granted their massive popularity. At the same time, the members are recalling the best, and sometimes hard moments, of their music career.

BTS performing 'Yet To Come' / Twitter @Ballenigena

The singers of "Not Today" are celebrating nine years in the industry. As was expected, ARMY, the global public, and the group are ready for a big party. The members are sharing a little about how they are feeling about it. J-Hope has revealed the best moment of his career.

 J-Hope talked about the best moment of BTS' career

On June 13th (KST) BTS dropped a special live performance of the new album "Proof". The members sang their latest single "Yet To Come" with Anderson .Paak at the drums. Also, the Idols were talking about their career.

J-Hope answered the question, "What is the best moment of BTS?", the rapper explained that it is the debut day. The moment where Bangtan was born is his most precious memory.

That day means a lot to me, that was probably the best moment for me. I still get emotional thinking about it.

J-Hope talking to the rest of the members / Twitter @vminiecats

J-Hope's love for the group and the members is gigant. The lead dancer also gave a beautiful message to his colleagues:

Everyone, thank you for your hard work. We still have a long journey ahead of us.

Let's stick together and keep up the good work.

He is so sweet! What do you think about his words?

We have all the information about the first performance of "Yet To Come" here.

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