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BTS' J-Hope opens about self acceptance in 'Proof Of Inspiration'

BTS is having an emotional comeback with the album "Proof". This is what J-Hope has to say about his picks for the upcoming project.

As soon as we listen to a song we can have different interpretations from person to person. The producer and songwriter had a message and original inspiration when they were working in music. However, the public can also add some symbols to it.

Since its debut, BTS include interesting topics in its music that ARMY really loves. Nevertheless, there are a few tracks that the fanatics have not the concrete meaning until this day.

BTS members / By @kimiint

That's why the members are talking again about some of their most iconic songs. In the second CD of the anthology album "Proof" we will listen to the most beloved solo tracks of these Idols. 

What song did J-Hope include in the album? The rapper is revealing everything about this meaningful track.

New "Proof Of Inspiration" video starring J-Hope

On May 22 HYBE revealed a new video for the series "Proof Of Inspiration". This time J-Hope is explaining everything about his song to be included in "Proof". The Idol revealed that "Her" is a love song that received a more complex meaning because of ARMY.

There can be many interpretations, but there are times when I have to wear a mask to hide the sides of myself that I don't particularly want to show other people.

J-Hope from BTS / By @vminiecats

Some fans think that "Her" explores the pressure of having to change ourselves in order to be perfect for someone else. J-Hope confessed that even if there are moments when he also wants to hide some aspects of his life, now he is feeling way better about being himself.

I came to accept all my side as parts of my identity, my ego, because the members and ARMY accept all of me.

"EGO" is a song where we can see how J-Hope is trying to love himself just the way he is. Such an inspirational track! Here is the full video.

There is no doubt that "Proof" is a meaningful album. Check here what Suga's picks are for the album.

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