J-Hope at Lady Gaga's concert J-Hope at Lady Gaga's concert

BTS' J-Hope met Lady Gaga, he had fun at the singer's concert

J-Hope went to Lady Gaga's concert and I can spend some time with her, that's how the BTS idol had fun

As with every visit, BTS is making good use of their time in the United States.  J-Hope attended a Lady Gaga concert and also took the opportunity to take a photo with her.

BTS is an admirable K-Pop group, today it has millions of fans around the world who are dedicated to showing their love and support without conditions, it is something simply amazing and among the ranks of ARMY we can even find other artists and singers.

But Bangtan Sonyeondan idols are fans too, they love a lot of artists whom they like to collaborate with. Or even just attend to one of their concerts, or both! Like it happened with Coldplay, J-Hope, for example, was such a big fan of this rock band and he even attended one of its concerts, then they collaborated and it was a dream for him.

Jung Hoseok has a lot of favorite songs and artists, when Bangtan Boys were in LA last year, some of them, incluiding Hobi, attended to Hary Styles concert too. This is how we can see how much the idols admire other artists and they love to go to concerts and have this cool experience as fans.

And now, that BTS is in Las Vegas, Hobi was able to go to other of his favorite singer's concert. But he not only enjoyed the event, he also could take a picture with this star, this is how he met Lady Gaga at one of her concerts.

J-Hope had a lot of fun with Lady Gaga at her concert in Las Vegas

Through Instagrama, BTS' J-Hope shared a bunch of photos and stories which reveal how fun it was for him to attend Lady Gaga's concert. He shared some moments of the event and he also posted some pictures posing by the singer's side, he was too stunned by the show, he wrote amazing words for Gaga.

Today was a really glorious day.

When it comes to a show, there’s none like Lady Gaga!!! It was a special day for me, since I wanted to see her performance so much.

Lady Gaga and J-Hope | Instagram: @uarmyhope

This is how J-Hope had a lot of fun and was so happy to attend to a Lady Gaga's concert in Las Vegas, he had such a great time and we love to see him this happy.

The musicians at the Lady Gaga concert were happy to have J-Hope amongst the public

Machael Bearden, conductor of Lady Gaga's Jazz + Piano, producer and actor, shared the pictures he took with J-Hope and added a message for him.

So great to finally meet J-Hope from BTS tonight! The nicest dude ever! He had a great time! Will probably go see them perform tomorrow! I have a blessed life!

Michael Bearden's messagge for Hobi | Instagram: @michaelbearden

So it was nice for everyone to meet at this Lady Gaga concert, it was such an amazing night for J-Hope, Gaga and even the ones behind the show.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, like Jungkook who is the king of YouTube right now, how did he received this title? 

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