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BTS' J-Hope is releasing his first solo album, when will we listen to it?

J-Hope is working on a new solo project. The rapper of BTS will be releasing a full album pretty soon.

No one can deny how good BTS music is. The group has a great song about almost everything and with tons of different genres. At the same time, every member has let s hear a little bit of their unique musical style.

Maybe the one that makes the best music to dance to is J-Hope. The raper usually chooses an insane beat that will make you dance while his lyrics are really deep. It is the case of "Chicken Noodle Soup" and "Outro : Ego".

BTS' J-Hope for 'Proof' / Twitter @BIGHIT_MUSIC

BTS' main dancer has a distinctive voice that creates a wonderful contrast with the 'bright' music he drops. Do you want to listen to more of his solo music? Well, Hoseok is finally coming back! This time with a  full album. We are telling you everything.

BTS' J-Hope will release his first solo album studio

On June 15th was revealed that J-Hope is setting down all the details for the release of his first solo album. Just like BTS announced, the members will be working on individual projects, and the rapper will be the frits one.

BTS' J-Hope for 'Daydream' / Twitter @bts_bighit

In 2018 the Idol dropped the successful mixtape 'Hope World'. However, this time J-Hope is taking this time. He will reveal a full album in mid-July. At the moment, the concept or genres are unknown, anyways, ARMY already has high expectations.

Just a few days ago, J-Hope was confirmed as a headline for the Chicago festival Lollapalooza. The fans are wondering if we'll listen to a little bit of his new music during his performance on July 31st.

Recently, the rapper said that he wants to show more than his bright and energetic side through his music. Are you curious about what he will offer this time? We can't wait for J-Hope to give more detail about it!

HYBE is clarifying BTS' current situation. Here's all the information.

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