J-Hope is sick but started with his recovery J-Hope is sick but started with his recovery

BTS' J-Hope is diagnosed with COVID-19 and ARMY worries about his health

J-Hope tested positive for COVID-19 and quickly begins quarantining for his recovery, ARMY hopes he feels better soon

BTS' J-Hope began his recovery after testing positive for COVID-19, how does the idol feel right now? HYBE reveals how is his health condition.

Although the pandemic is not over, many K-Pop groups continue to work with the corresponding sanitary measures. But this has not stopped the contagion and we have seen our favorite idols get sick and go through quarantine to recover.

This happened with BTS when the members of the group returned from their vacations in the United States, some of them spent Christmas in quarantine because they had fallen ill and ARMY worried about Suga, RM, Jin and Jimin when they fell ill. But, all recovered well and successfully.

It seemed that ARMY's worries were over, with their members healthy, Bangtan Sonyeondan held in-person concerts in Korea and has more planned for Las Vegas, in addition to his performance at the Grammy Awards that fans can't wait to watch.

But unfortunately HYBE released a statement explaining that J-Hope had been diagnosed with COVID-19, the idol has already started his quarantine to recover, how is he right now?

J-Hope tests positive for COVID-19 and that's how his recovery began

Through a statement, HYBE announced that BTS' J-Hope was sick with COVID-19, according to the agency, the idol gave symptoms and took the necessary tests to rule out the disease. Hobi had a sore throat and the tests came back positive, and he had to start the quarantine period to recover.

J-Hope tested positive for COVID-19 | Twitter: @HOPEPlCS

ARMY hopes that Hoseok will recover soon and be able to meet up with his fans and his fellow BTS members after feeling better.

 What will happen to the activities that J-Hope had planned with BTS?

Perhaps the quarantine will not affect the activities of J-Hope and BTS, the boy band will travel to the US in early April, when the idol may already be recovered. Jin is also recovering, although he is from surgery. Surely both idols will be ready to resume their activities on time.

J-Hope and Jin are recovering right now | Twitter: @Jin_blogs

ARMY is really worried about their idols, but they will surely have a quick and successful recovery and we will be able to see them back in action as soon as they feel better.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, like Jimin and J-Hope who hide some secrets of BTS on their cell phones. 

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