J-Hope celebrated his birthday with ARMY at V LIVE J-Hope celebrated his birthday with ARMY at V LIVE

BTS' J-Hope held a Live to celebrate his birthday with ARMY

J-Hope celebrated his birthday with ARMY in a V LIVE and this happened

This February 18 is a very special day for ARMY and BTS, as the lead dancer and rapper of the South Korean band is about to turn 28 and 29 in Korean age. Jung Hoseok (his real name) was born in Gwangju South Korea on February 18, 1994, and debuted with BTS in 2013.

Since then J-Hope has become the positive energy of BTS, as his relaxed and comical personality makes stressful moments for the band lighter thanks to Hoseok always keeping a positive and smiling mind.

Although each member of the group has his or her fan base, J-Hope also has many fans who admire not only his talent as a dancer but also as a rapper. The Idol has released. Solo music with his Mixtape "Hope World" which was very well received by ARMY, this was released on March 2, 2018 and features 7 songs.

Now ARMY around the world is prepared projects to congratulate and celebrate the hope of the Bangtan Boys: J-Hope. From ice sculptures, street publicity about his birthday and even playlists where the Idol sings solo.

Twitter @ta3pr0 / J-Hope celebrates his birthday with his fans

J-Hope does a Live to celebrate his birthday

As is a tradition in BTS, when members have their birthdays they usually do a live to chat with ARMY about their special day and J-hope did the same this morning, surprising ARMY with a notification on the V Live app.

During his live, the Idol decorated his studio with a sign that read "Hope Day" and a garland of pink flags that read "Happy Birthday", he also showed the camera a handmade greeting that Jin made on this special day for the rapper.

Twitter @Ederlin0417 / J-Hope decorated his studio to celebrate his birthday

ARMY asked her what kind of gifts Jin gave her for her birthday to which the star replied, "Jin's gift, yeah, Jin-hyung gave me an amazing gift. He gave me really big strawberries and a cake, (he also very gave me something that) at first I was wondering what it was, but it turned out to be a toilet cleaning brush."

Twitter @febreroconbts7/ Jin congratulated J-Hope with handwritten letter

The Idol also celebrated along with ARMY with a cake with candles, he also got to dance and as always he was seen in a very good mood. The rapper commented regarding his birthday wish.

"My birthday wish, my wish is that everyone is healthy and that we have peace.HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you ARMY So many people are wishing me a happy birthday! This feeling is the reason why I come to vlive"- said the dancer.

Twitter @febreroconbts / J-Hope blew out the candles with ARMY

The cake had "U ARMY J-HOPE" written on it as his username on Instagram, stressing how grateful he was to his fans. Isn't it cute? Congratulations to J-Hope! To celebrate, we leave you one of his solo songs below.


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