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BTS' J-Hope has a special friendship with Crush, this is the present he got

The talented J-Hope has revealed on social media that he received a sweet present for the singer Crush. Do you want to know what the gift is?

BTS members are beloved by tons of fanatics all over the world. Other celebrities have fallen for the talent of this group as well. Bangtan always offers awesome performances and, of course, great  songs. But that is not the only reason why they keep collecting hearts. Also they are famous for their respectful behavior and easygoing personalities.

Who is  one of the most cheerful members of BTS? Yes, we were thinking the same: J-Hope. The rapper is well known for his bright personality. Through his career the fans noticed he really cares for the rest of BTS members and he always tries to make them laugh.

His positive energy is not exclusive to Bangtan; he smiles at all the people he is surrounded by. It makes sense that the singer of "Chicken Noodle Soup" has a lot of good friends in and outside of the industry. 

J-Hope from BTS / By @kimiint

Recently he has revealed a sweet present he got from the singer Crush. Apparently he loves J-Hope as much as we do.

Crush got a meaningful present for BTS' J-Hope

On May 7th J-Hope posted on his personal Instagram account a picture of a present he got. It is the album "From Midnight To Sunrise" from the R&B singer Crush. Apparently the singer himself sent a copy with a special message for J-Hope:

To: J-Hope Hoseok!

I'm so thankful to have met such a good fated connection!

In the future too, I hope you can make music healthily and happily! :)

J-Hope's Instagram story / Instagram @uarmyhope

J-Hope tagged Crush on the story, he also included on a few words:

Love U Bro

Singer Crush / By @RedVelvetBoliva

Crush just follow J-Hope on Instagram among all the members of BTS. ARMY is wishing for a collaboration, the styles of both artists would give us a mind blowing song.

What do you think about the sweet Crush words for J-Hope? Would you like to see a collab?

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