What is BTS' J-Hope's phobia? What is BTS' J-Hope's phobia?

BTS' J-Hope has a big phobia, do you know what is he afraid of?

What phobia does J-Hope have? Get to know what causes terror to this idol of BTS

J-Hope has a bright personality and great charisma but you must keep something away from him or he will be scared, what is this BTS member's phobia?

BTS has very talented members with great musical abilities. One of them is Jung Hoseok, a boy who has worked as a rapper, singer, and dancer for the idol group. He is an amazing implement in his work, since before debuting he had already specialized in dance.

J-Hope improved his rapping skills by joining BigHit Entertainment, that's how he debuted in Bangtan Sonyeondan's rap line and soon we would see more of his talent as a lyricist for the group's songs and also for his solo tracks that he has released on mixtapes.

This Bangtan idol also has a beautiful personality, Hobi is described as the vitamin of the boy band thanks to his way of being so cute, he is the mood maker for his groupmates and he really has a joy that spreads to everyone, even to ARMY. He is a kind person, just a wonderful human.

But there is something that J-Hope does not tolerate, this idol has a phobia for something that here we tell you what it is, what is this member of BTS afraid of?

Does J-Hope from BTS have phobias? This is what the idol is afraid of

J-Hope has some phobias that we have been able to see in special BTS content such as behind the scenes, vlogs, variety shows and others. Mainly he is afraid of insects, this is known as entomophobia and that is why we sometimes see that Hobi runs in the presence of one of these small beings of nature.

So now you know what the biggest phobia of this BTS member is, maybe there are many more people who are also afraid of insects, don't you think?

J-Hope also has this other phobia that he has had to overcome in his work with BTS

Hobi is also afraid of heights, although he finds it difficult, for his work with the group he has sometimes had to be at a great height, so we greatly appreciate the effort of this idol :'). Even if he fears of this, he has worked on it to keep working in BTS, we should remember about the little cars who take them for a tour in venues during concerts and J-Hope goes well with it.


Now you know more about J-Hope, a great idol who has to overcome his fears to continue showing the best to ARMY.

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