J-Hope for 'Arson' J-Hope for 'Arson'

BTS' J-Hope dominates Spotify with 'Arson', he is the most popular Korean soloist on the platform

J-Hope just become the Korean soloist with the biggest debut on Spotify. "Jack In The Box" is breaking tons of records!

J-Hope is shaking the industry with his music. The talented rapper of BTS is finally here with his first solo album "Jack In The Box". It is an interesting project that mixes a few classic hip-hop beats adding rock vibes thanks to some fierce guitars.

Of course, Hoseok wild rap is the protagonist. All the tracks are awesome, he explores his most honest thoughts about, his career, his role as an artist and even equality. We are in front of a masterpiece.

J-Hope for 'Arson' / Twitter @BIGHIT_MUSIC

Million all over the world are already falling in love with the cool album. As was expected, it was an instant success. Every day the talented Idol is breaking a new record. He is now the most popular Korean soloist on Spotify.

J-Hope achieves the biggest debut on Spotify among the Korean soloists

On July 15th J-Hope of BTS dropped his new album "Jack In The Box". The second single "Arson" has a wonderful debut on Spotify. In the first 24 hours, it got over 2.8 million streams on the streaming service.

J-Hope promoting 'Jack In The Box' / Twitter @bts_bighit

With this impressive mark, the rapper is now the Korean soloist with the biggest debut on the platform. The top 10 most streamed Korean song is all dominated by BTS. The group has the greatest debut with "Yet To Come" (7.17 million streams).

J-Hope just surpasses his teammates' collaborations: "With You" (2.64 M)by Jimin and Ha Sung Woon and "That That" (2.38) by Suga and Psy. Al these tracks are very popular, Hobi's new record is awesome!

ARMY all over the world is celebrating the achievement. Fans are really happy to pay back the hard work of the Idol. J-Hopes just revealed that he was involved in every single detail of the production. Read more about it here. Congratulation to Hobi!

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