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BTS' J-Hope describes the personalities of all the members

Do you want to know how the BTS members are off stage? J-Hope talks about the charms of all of them.

BTS journey was really difficult for sure. These talented artists faced too many hardships to become the biggest boy band of the world. The support of ARMY and the affectionate members was really helpful to overcome the bad days.

Bangtan is not a global sensation, the members are a group of friends who enjoy working together. All of them feel a lot of respect and  admiration for each other.

BTS members / By @AngyJ18

If you have any doubt about how much the Idols love each other just check what J-Hope said about the members' personalities. He knows his friends pretty well.

J-Hope explain the charming points of BTS members

During a recent interview for the BTS Japanese Fancafe J-Hope was asked to describe the members' charming points with just one word. For RM he said "Leader!" The Idol thinks this is really charming. He continued with the rest of the members.

Suga, Cuteness. I can tell that hyung is the cutest.

Jin hyung, Pro.

Jungkook, Bouncy Ball. I don't know where he'll bounce.

Jiminie, cat. Sometimes he is like a cat.

Taehyung, Teddy bear.

J-Hope talking about the members / By @Ederlin0417

Does J-Hope want to have a new pet?

During the same interview J-Hope said that he is raising his dog with a lot of love. He was asked if he would like to have a new pet. This is his response.

Nowadays I find cats pretty. I want to raise cats up by pouring love and affection. If I have to name it... Tom? To be honest I like Tom & Jerry a lot so I'll name it Tom.

J-Hope is really considerate with the members. He has a lot of love to give to animals as well. He is so sweet!

Do you want to see more of J-Hope kindness? Check this article to know how he congratulates the soccer player Son Heung Min.

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