J-Hope has a unique personality according to this producer J-Hope has a unique personality according to this producer

BTS' J-Hope conquered this producer with his true personality, how was it when they met?

J-Hope's personality is unique and charming to anyone who knows him, this was the experience of producer David Chua

What is J-Hope's true personality like? The BTS idol has many charms that manage to conquer everyone, that's how producer David Chua met him.

The members of BTS have conquered a lot of fans primarily through their music. The songs of this idol group have managed to make many people identify, fill themselves with hope, find happiness or understanding in their lyrics. But also these idols have managed to show their charms with their personalities.

We may not know the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan personally, but we have been able to know what their personalities are like thanks to various contents. Interviews, behind the scenes, vlogs and more where they show a natural facet that ARMY has also fallen in love with.

Also the people who usually work with or get to know the Bangtan Boys testify more about the beautiful personalities of these idols. This time it happened with J-Hope who has a really bright charisma and cute personality. He impressed a producer.

David Chua recounted his experience when he met Jung Hoseok, what is the personality of this BTS idol like? Here we tell you more about his charms.

Producer David Chua reveals how BTS' J-Hope won him over with his personality

During his visit to Las Vegas, J-Hope took a selfie with producer David Chua. Now, he gave an interview to one of Hobi's fanbases, j-hope_HopeWorld, and told all about his encounter with the BTS idol. The producer said that he admired J-Hope before and loved 'Chicken Noodle Soup'.

I think he's super cool! Very very nice sweet and happy go lucky guy

David Chua and J-Hope | Twitter: @onlybtsonlyarmy

 The producer said that he bump into Hobi in the bathroom of the Silk Sonic concert, OMG, and he told him how his wife is Korean and thathe follows BTS and admires their career a lot. J-Hope listened carefully and then the selca happened.

David Chua also met BTS at the Grammys

David Chua was not only able to meet J-Hope, he also met the other members of BTS on the red carpet of the 2022 Grammys. He shared another photo where we can see RM, Jin and Taehyung as well. We would all like to have David's great luck right now.

BTS and David Chua | Twitter: @onlybtsonlyarmy

BTS continues to conquer people all over the world who not only admire their work but also find their personalities very cute, kind and even friendly, isn't this great?

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, like Taehyung whose makeup artist revealed more about his true personality. 

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