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BTS' J-Hope congratulates Son Heung Min for winning the Premier League Golden Boot

BTS and the soccer player Son Heung Min have an adorable relationship. J-Hope is celebrating Son for being the  winner of the Premier League Golden Boot.

BTS members are not just superstars that can conquer every single stage. The Idols also can rob the hearts of too many celebrities. No matter if they interact with other singers, chefs or athletes, for sure at the end of the day they will love the guys.

Constantly, Bangtan is showing its support to those friends on social media. Maybe the most active member is J-Hope and he is paying a lot of attention to the achievements of the celebrities he respects the most.

J-Hope from BTS / By @Anny07_S

Check here how he congratulated the win of Son Heung Min on Instagram

J-Hope is happy to see Son Heung Min winning the Golden Boot

On May 23 J-Hope dropped on his personal Instagram account some stories to celebrate Son Heung Min recent achievement. In the videos we can see that the Idols were watching the Premier League. While the soccer player was scoring his 23th goal of the season Hoseok was cheering him in front of the Tv.

J-Hope Instagram story / By @Jhopepics19

J-Hope added some fire emojis and also tagged the soccer player. Son Heung Min won the Premier League Golden Boot for his goals during the season. The Idols were really happy to congratulate him.

J-Hope's post / By @Jhopepics19

The adorable relationship between Son Heung Min and BTS

Previously, Son Heung Min show his respect for BTS as well. When the group released a collab with Coldplay for the song "My Universe" the athlete celebrated as well.

His relationship with the K-Pop sensation started almost one year ago. During an episode of "Run BTS" the members had to say the names of some famous celebrities in just a few seconds. For Jimin's turn it was shown a photo of Son Heung Min but the Idol couldn't tell his name.

As a joke, later Jimin received the soccer jersey with Son's name. The soccer player reacted positively to Jimin's mistake, he even sent a sweet message video to congratulate BTS and give the autographed uniforms as a present. Check the moment in this video.

They are cheering for each other. They are so sweet!

Don't forget to check everything about the upcoming BTS' album "Proof". This is what J-Hope has to say about his music.

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