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BTS' J-Hope celebrates Parents' day with a sweet message for his mom

J-Hope from BTS has decicate a beautiful song to his mother. In order to celebrate Parents' day he sent this message.

All the members of BTS are family oriented. Despite the fact that they are actually super stars of the global music industry they have confessed they are still listening to their parents. They respect and take note of their families opinions.

Even though all of them are good sons, J-Hope stands out because of his constant affective declarations for his family. Previously the Idol said all the members of his family -including his dog Mickie- are a big motivation for him.

J-Hope from BTS / By @Jenivm7

The rapper revealed a sweet moment with his mom in order to celebrate Parent's day. This is his meaningful message.

BTS' J-Hope revealed lovely picture with his mom

In Korea the celebration for parents takes place on May 8th. It is a day to show our love and respect for mom and dad. J-Hope is for sure a great son and he couldn't miss the opportunity to show his love to his mom.

J-Hope's Instagram story / Instagram @uarmyhope

On the same day, J-Hope posted a story on his Instagram personal account with a picture of him and his mom. As it was expected, the Idol took care of the details, he covered the face of the lady with a heart sticker in order to protect her privacy.

He also added the song MAMA. What is this track about?

The perfect opportunity to dedicate BTS song MAMA

In 2016 BTS released the album "WINGS". Here we can find the solo song made by J-Hope. We are talking about "MAMA", this emotive track reveals the most honest feeling of the singer for his mom.

The lyrics are telling us the personal story of J-Hope. His family used  to live with economic problems, even with that in mind, his mom always supported his dream. No he wants to be a good song and pay back all  the love to her unconditional support. Check here the song.

He is such a sweetheart! Are you moved by his lovely message?

J-Hope is not just a good son, he is an amazing performer. Read this article to find out his best shows ever.

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