IU and J-Hope for 'Palette' IU and J-Hope for 'Palette'

BTS' J-Hope and IU join forces to perform wonderful version of '=(Equal Sign)'

J-Hope is the guest of the most recent 'Palette' episode. The rapper and IU gave us an awesome band version of "=(Equal Sign)".

The "Arson" era is wild! J-Hope's first solo album is breaking a new record every single day. Recently, the project became the fastest album by a Korean soloist to achieve 100 million streams on Spotify.

The rapper of BTS has a hectic schedule. The promotion of his album included an amazing V.I.P party and the upcoming show at the Lollapalooza 2022. That's not all, J-Hope has more surprises for ARMY.

J-Hope of BTS / Twitter @bts_bighit

The talented Idol is giving us an iconic and powerful performance. He prepared a special show with one of the most important Korean female artists, IU. Would you like to see them working together? Well, dreams come true.

J-Hope and IU surprise the fans with an unexpected duet

On July 28th the new episode of IU's show "Palette" was released. J-Hope was the guest, he is promoting his new album "Arson". The show offers warm talk and some live performances. These talented artists prepared a special version of "=(Equal Sign)". IU said:

I think I'll remember this fondly as well. What I noticed from '=(Equal Sign)' was that the lyrics were full of hope. Singing this song together made me feel closer to you, because of the lyrics.

The singer of "Lilac" confessed that she connected with J-Hope after seeing that they are not that different through his lyrics. Both of them were nervous but really happy to perform together.

This time they sang with a  band, so this meaningful track feels sweeter. IU's clean voice suits perfectly the style of =(Equal Sign). We also need to mention their flawless harmony. They also added a playful dance. The best duet ever!

The adorable chemistry between these K-Pop leaders is melting the hearts of the fans. It seems like they truly respect and admire each other. Such an unforgettable moment! Check the full interview here.

J-Hope is giving us some spoilers about his Lollapalooza show. We have all the detail for you.

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