BTS' J-Hope and G-Dragon BTS' J-Hope and G-Dragon

BTS' J-Hope and G-Dragon attend the Tom Sachs' dinner party in Seoul

The famous rappers J-Hope and G-Dragon were together at the Tom Sachs party in Seoul. The hottest global celebrities were at the exclusive event.

BTS has already conquered the global industry and the heart of some of the most popular celebrities of the moment. The adorable members can get new fans pretty easily thanks to their music and charismatic personalities.

The seven Idols are easygoing and fun, however, among them, some members stand out because of their busy personal schedules. One of the Bangtan's social butterflies is without any doubt J-Hope.

J-Hope for 'Yet To Come' / Twitter @JHopeHonduras18

The talented rapper is constantly sharing on social media his meeting with other artists. J-Hope is getting ready to drop his first solo album. Anyways, he is enjoying his free time at exclusive parties. He was seeing at an event with G-Dragon.

Tom Sach's party in Seul gathered BTS' Je-Hope, G-Dragon, and more

On June 26th the contemporary artist Tom Sachs offered a party in Seoul. Among the guest, there were some of the most relevant Korean celebrities. Dj Kirioka posted on his Instagram a photo of the event. BTS' J-Hope and G-Dragon are in that picture. 

Tom Sachs' dinner party in Korea / Twitter @JasmineMoyaC

A few days ago J-Hope and Suga went to the exhibition of the artist "Boombox Retrospective" at the HYBE building. It seems like Tom Sachs fell for the group immediately.

Suga, Tom Sachs and J-Hope / Twitter @Karen49626323

Meanwhile, the artist dropped another photo of his dinner party. There were too many hot celebrities together. We can see Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Shik, Lee Chungha, AOA's Seolhyun, Jung Yu Mi, Ryu Jun Yeol, and G-Dragon at the back of the group.

Tom Sachs' post / Twitter @JJipics

The Intenet wants to see more about the interaction among these personalities. Apparently, the party was really exciting. Just look at G-Dragon smiling with Tom Sachs.

G-Dragon and Tom Sachs / Twitter @JJipics

What do you think about it? We want to see more of these rappers together.

J-Hope is revealing more about his upcoming album. We have all the information for you.

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