BTS new variety show BTS new variety show

BTS Island: In the Seom has a new variety show you can't miss

BTS will be launching a new mobile game and now 'BTS Island: In the Seom' has more content for ARMY

BTS never stops surprising ARMY and this time the idol group will release a new mobile game called 'BTS Island: In The Seom' which will have a variety show too!

The members from BTS won't stop working in more content, music, videos, and much more for fans. They always spoil ARMY with new projects and other stuff which makes the fandom love the idol group even more.

And all of these projects just show more of Bangtan Sonyeondan's impact outside music, like in video games, for example. Gamer ARMY has great games from the boy band like 'BTS World' which also has an amazing OST made by the idols.

We will have a new Bangtan video game soon, the idol group has been working on 'BTS Island: In the Seom', this will be a mobile game with puzzles and we'll see the seven friends of the group living in an Island.

And the best part is that BTS also prepared a variety show for their new mobile video game so ARMY can have a lot of fun with the idols.

BTS will have a new variety show about their new mobile game 'BTS Island: In the Seom'

Through their official YouTube channel, BTS released a new teaser of 'BTS Island: In the Seom', this one takes us to a variety show starring Bangtan Boys. We will see the process of the idols making this new video game.

This teaser reveals how much fun it was to make this new video game for ARMY, BTS idols seem to be happy and working on more for the fans who are pretty excited. We can't wait for this new video game.

Suga might be working on the OST for BTS Island: In the Seom

In this teaser for 'BTS Island: In the Seom' Suga revealed something that was edited out of the video, and ARMY thinks that he might be working on the OST for this new video game since he did the same with the webtoon '7FATES: CHAKHO' and the las 'BTS World' video game too!

Suga revelaed a secret in this teaser | YouTube: @BTS Island: In the SEOM

We just need to wait a little longer to discover everything about BTS Island: In the Seom, it will come out on April 26, 9 PM KST.

But while we wait for BTS Island: In the Seom release, you can keep reading more about BTS and its members, like Suga who has had the best looks in the history. 

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