Dynamite and BTS make a new big record Dynamite and BTS make a new big record

BTS’ Dynamite achieves a historical record on the music industry

One of the most popular BTS’ songs is Dynamite that keeps showing its popularity with new amazing records for the boy band

Even though it's been almost two years since the release of Dynamite, BTS keeps achieving a lot of records with this song, the boy band keeps making history and leaving its mark on the music industry.

BTS is the most successful K-Pop band, there’s no doubt since the south korean group has become popular all around the world, its fandom is one of the biggest ones in the music industry, and helps the boy band to achieve new records very often.

With its music, Bangtan Sonyeondan has conquered a lot fan’s hearts in every corner of the world. This idol group has a lot of great songs that motivate, inspire and spread good messages for their lovers.

We have countless examples of great tracks from Bangtan, but the idols even challenged themselves and their abilities when they released the song ‘Dynamite’, it was their first English single ever.

With ‘Dynamite’, BTS got to a whole new market and it turned into an amazing hit since its release in 2020, now it’s one of ARMY’s favorite tracks and it keeps showing its popularity and impact on the music industry with new records.

BTS is the king of Japan as Dynamite it’s certified diamond by RIAJ

The Recording Industry Association of Japan, aka RIAJ, has recognized the impact of BTS’ ‘Dynamite’ in Japan, since this songs has earning 500 million streams on the country, certifying it with diamond and making history ‘cause now Bangtan Sonyeondan is the first foreing act to achieve this goal.

Dynamite is the fastest song to achieve this number of streams, even if it’s been almost two years since its release.

Dynamite makes history in Japan with this new record | Twitter: @charts_k

This is how BTS proves how popular Dynamite is in Japan, the boy band keeps being recognized internationally with this kind of accomplishments and records.

Life Goes On and Anpanman show more of BTS’ popularity in Japan

We can tell that BTS is big on a lot of countries, and J-ARMY never fails to show its love for the boy band, making ‘Life Goes On’ and ‘Anpanman’ have their own certificates for their 100 million and 50 million streams; both songs were recognized by RIAJ too.

This is how BTS is not only making history in the Korean music industry, the band is successful in every part of the world, and ARMY celebrates that the boy band is being recognized by experts on music.

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