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'BTS Dream: TinyTAN House', the new mobile game of the group is almost here

BTS members have an adorable animated version: TinyTAN The first preview for the mobile game "BTS Dream: TinyTAN house" was revealed

The biggest boy group in the world released its own animated characters in 2019. BTS merchandise is one of the favorite things of the fandom. ARMY loves to carry around some products that expose proudly who are their Idols.

TinyTAN is the cute version of Bangtan. The members themselves have revealed how adorable these characters are. As was expected, the fanatics are crazy about it as well.

TinyTAN characters / By @TinyTANofficial

Previously we saw the special version of "Mic Drop" and "00:00 - (Zero O'Clock)" with TinyTAN. Those videos have more than 76 million views on Youtube. The characters are almost as popular as BTS is.

The new mobile game starring TinyTAN will be here pretty soon. Do you want to play it?

A preview for the new BTS game was revealed

On May 30 it was revealed the first teaser for the upcoming mobile game "BTS Dream: TinyTAN House". In the video, we can see the animated version of BTS wearing some of the most iconic outfits of the members for the music videos of Mic Drop, Boy With Luv, IDOL, Dynamite and ON.

According to the production crew, it will mix various game genres: rhythm action game and housing. The developer Netmarble already has work in collab with BTS for the games "BTS World" and "BTS Universe Story"

The user will be enjoying the greatest hist of Bangtan while designing houses, the characters, and more. The preview is showing how good these characters were made. ARMY is really happy to see how many details are that reflect the true personalities of the members.

The release date hasn't been announced. However,  you can pre-register to get all the information and be able to download the game as soon as it is available on the official website of Netmarble.

ARMY, are you excited about this new mobile game?

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