Chicolte or Chipotle? Chicolte or Chipotle?

BTS: Chipotle makes a big promotion to ARMY, thanks to Jungkook

Fast food chain Chipotle has given ARMY a gift

Thanks to BTS's Jungook mispronouncing the fast food chain "Chipotle", the restaurant gave ARMY a gift.

Thanks to the powerful influence of Jungkook mispronouncing the chain's name as "Chicotle" instead of "Chipotle," the restaurant decided to make a big promotion to ARMY who also helped this news go viral.

Twitter @Illegal_jams / Jungkook misspelled Chipotle

The Power of Jungkook and ARMY

Chipotle offered 7,000 free bowls to ARMY thanks to the promotion Jungkook gave the place with his wit.

The promotion was short lived as ARMY immediately sold out of them in less than 15 minutes!

When the BANGTAN BOMB was posted on BTS's YouTube channel and the audience found Jungkook's blunder charming, ARMY started tweeting about it. 
Chipotle took advantage of the news by changing its name on its Twitter account to "Chicotle".

There is no doubt that BTS and ARMY have a powerful commercial influence!

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