BTS Official Photoshoot for Butter BTS Official Photoshoot for Butter

BTS' Butter versions: Which song is better?

BTS is dominating global music charts in 2021. With not one, not two, but five versions of ‘Butter’ out at the moment, the single has stayed No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the fourth week in a row, becoming the band’s longest leading single.  From the 'Hotter' remix to the most recent and loved Karaoke version, fans are being blessed week after week with new versions. Which one is better?

  • ‘Dynamite’, BTS’ first English song, landed them their first No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100
  • Their second all-English single 'Butter' was released on 21st May 2021. 
  • 'Butter' has over 380 million views on YouTube. 
  • The ‘Butter’ music video broke records by becoming the most viewed song in 24 hours on YouTube, with over 200 million views.
  • Fans promoted each song with hashtags such as #ButterSweeterCoolerRemixes and #ButterKaraoke.

'Butter' remixes

BTS in the M/V for the first remix of 'Butter', the 'Hotter' remix

On May 28th, 2021, the band released the first in a series of 'Butter' remixes: the 'Hotter' remix. This was followed by two more remixes on June 4th, 2021: the 'Cooler' remix and 'Sweeter' remix. The latest Karaoke version dropped on June 21st, 2021. Each of the remixes experimented with the original synth-pop beat in a way that made them all unique and equally fun to listen to

Smart strategy

Official photo of the  'Butter' music video

Butter has been No. 1 on the charts for 4 weeks in a row thanks to remix after remix coming out. This isn’t the first time BTS has used this strategy, either. Their first all-English Billboard Hot 100 hit, ‘Dynamite’, had nine different versions, from the ‘Slow Jam’, ‘Retro’, ‘Acoustic’, ‘Poolside’ remixes to name a few. Other international artists like Lil Nas X have also used this strategy for their viral hits like ‘Old Town Road’, and BTS is just playing it to their advantage.

BTS performing in the Butter 'Cooler' remix video

While the 'Sweeter' remix definitely felt more R&B, the 'Cooler' remix is more upbeat and energetic, with its house-music vibes and the band members dressed in bright, colorful gymnasium clothes.

The 'Cooler' remix feels unscripted and carefree, and we thought that had been the end of it...until the Karaoke version dropped!

Butter's Karaoke version is definitely our favorite because of all the content it's given to the fans. More than any of the other versions, it exemplifies what RM said about it just being a fun summer song that fans could enjoy and sing along to, with no deeper meaning. 

All the members in the Karaoke version are dressed in wigs, animal hats, and even a pumpkin bag, and even though the whole look is pretty laughable, they're completely at ease and being themselves, and we absolutely love it! 

Check the fan's hilarious reactions:

Fan tweet about BTS 'Butter'
Fan tweet about BTS 'Butter'
Fan tweet about BTS 'Butter'

Do you think we're going to get another version of 'Butter' soon? If you liked this article, check out the video where we react to 'Butter' for the first time! 

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