BTS at the Grammys BTS at the Grammys

BTS' 'Butter' performance for the 64th Grammys ceremony is making ARMY bigger

BTS is already the group with the biggest fandom in the world. However the members keep collecting hearts from the general public. This is what happend.

The popularity of BTS is not a joke, they have one of the biggest impacts in the global music industry. With every project the K-Pop group announced, for sure, they will get a new record.

One of the achievements the band didn't get is a Grammy prize. Even though Bangtan has been nominated in two occasions the're weren't the winners. The result of the 64th Grammy ceremony gave a lot to discuss in social media, ARMY and the general public were angry with the decision.

Anyways, the leader RM said the were in Las Vegas not for the Grammys but to see the fans. Despite not getting the prize, BTS performance was the winner of the night for best performance (if the prize would exist they would deserve it).

The members presented a unique version of Butter inspired by the spy concept. The audience loved it, at least that's what they showed with a standing ovation at the end of BTS' performance.

Apparently that event was helpful for the Korean sensation. Their fandom is getting bigger because of this performance. We are telling you the details.

BTS performance for the Grammys / By @monnxjoon

BTS' Butter performance is making ARMY even bigger

After a couple of weeks since the 64th Grammys ceremony, the BTS performance is finally on the official Youtube channel of the group. On April 23 the Butter show was dropped, in just one day it had more than 4 million views.

The fans are noticing some particular messages in the comment section. The general public is saying they got into BTS thanks to this performance.

I'm a fan since theis performance...

I knew them before but they got me since this, they are amazing...

Apparently the show was a open door for new ARMYs:

This was the performance that made me an ARMY.

Ever since then I've been watching all BTS clips, performances and RUN BTS.

How can someone not be impressed with that awesome choreography?

It was the best show ever in Grammy history. Especially the jacket part, it was surprising !!! BTS you are amazing

Did you like the performance? If you want to watch it again we have it for you.

Do you know that BTS is the best ticket seller in the world? Read the full article here.

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