BTS, BIGBANG and IVE have the record for most awarded songs of 2022

IVE just won another trophy with its hit "LOVE DIVE". The rookie group tied with  BTS and BIGBANG record with the most music shos wins on 2022.

The first half of 2022 was explosive in K-Pop. We got tons of awesome comebacks and great debuts. One of the rookie groups that has been rocking the scene is IVE. In December 2021 Starship Entertainment presented the 6 beautiful members.

In April the girl group made its first comeback with the addictive single "LOVE DIVE". Since then the public has been dancing to this catchy track. The melody and choreography are awesome. For sure it is already in your playlists.

IVE for 'LOVE DIVE' / Twitter @kpopggsuperior

The young artists are now tied with the masters of the industry. BTS and BIGBANG also dropped songs that have been climbing the charts. Now all of them have the same record. We are telling you everything.

IVE gets its 9th trophy with "LOVE DIVE", the group tied with BTS and BIGBANG

On July 3th IVE was the winner of the week in the Korean music show Inkigayo. The rookie Idols are receiving their 9th trophy with the song "LOVE DIVE". With this mark, the group became the most awarded female music act of the year.

IVE is the winner of the week on Inkigayo / Twitter @KshowAnalysis

Meanwhile, just two other groups got this achievement: BTS with its title single "Yet To Come" and BIGBANG with their anticipated comeback with "Still Life". Now the three groups are sharing the title of the most awarded artists of the year.

IVE's popularity is not a joke. Its debut song "Eleven" got 13 wins on music shows. The talented Idols are unstoppable. Is hard to believe that they are a rookie group. Congratulation to the member!

We are sure that DIVE and ARMY are already looking for the next trophy. Both fandoms wanted another win for their favorite Idols. Anyways, all these tracks are wonderful.

The groups that debuted in the first half of 2022 are amazing. Here are the new talents you need to know.

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