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‘BTS ARMY Playlist’ review video

This is my reaction to the first time listening to BTS Army Playlist. Let's see what happens! What do you think about the music video? Watch the video below!

  • I am back with a new reaction video because I see that you guys are liking it! It has never been my intention doing reaction videos, but here you go!
  • I just got a word from my colleagues that the BTS Army playlist is out and has already 500,000 views in 1 hour, so we're going to watch it I'm going to invite you guys to watch it with me
  • The Army Playlist  got 3 million views in 4 hours!
  • BTS dropped this playlist for the fandom's 8th anniversary.

The songs that are on this video include:

BTS' 'Permission to Dance' teaser's photo

Again, no choreography, super chill! Okay, bicycle the first one! Second one, abyss. Is this a signal that he's going to get married?  Sorry! He's also wearing jeans I like the trouser, I like the coat, a little more sad, it's just a different vibe! You guys know how difficult is to reach those notes? 

BTS' 'Permission to Dance' teaser's photo

'Sunflower' from V! Haha, he is eating cake! And no singing! Is he wearing jeans? or just a normal trouser? Perfect for slow dancing with your girl with your boy whatever! This is my favorite for now, love it! Jungkook,  I like how it starts purple hair and purple background sounds like R&B.

This is more of this something you could listen like going to working on it just to start your day right! Okay this could also be my favorite, but I love that the other one was more romantic, this more for yourself.

Did anyone notice everyone is plugging one of their earphones out? Do you guys have any idea why? I don't! I love this more!

My boy J-Hope yes I love that's a tennis pullover I used to wear those going to Wimbledon! Okay this is going to be Bruno Mars style right? Good work putting in some English words!  What do you guys think? 

This base from the song I think it's awesome for like a hip-hop song mixed with K-pop. Now filter with Jimin of course! Oh, he is laughing! Oh, he is laughing! He is trying to be serious! He is wearing trouser, and a tie. This has Latin vibes, right? Each one is better than the last one I had my favorite, but this is winning!  I personally would say Abyss was awesome for a date. 

Thank you again for watching and sorry for my accent and I lived in the US for a lot of time but still my Spanish roots are, so have a wonderful day and thank you for watching! 

P.S. I was just thinking in doing and a video showing you guys what my work is because I'm a K-Pop editor and a manager and so if you guys want to know how that works if you're ever interested in working and making money and with K-Pop just let me know!

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