What was the BLINK's question which scared Jisoo? What was the BLINK's question which scared Jisoo?

BLINK scares BLACKPINK's Jisoo a bit with their questions on Weverse

Jisoo is usually active on Weverse to answer questions from BLACKPINK fans but there was one that scared her a bit, what did BLINK ask her?

BLINK wants to know all the fun facts about BLACKPINK and its members, and Weverse is a great platform to find out more about idols. Jisoo answered a few questions but one in particular scared her.

To stay in touch with their fans, the members of BLACKPINK make use of their official social networks. On Instagram, VLive, Weverse and YouTube they all have their profiles where they usually get in touch with their followers. Through posts, stories, live broadcasts and vlogs they can share much more with their audience.

There is a lot of content that BLINK can see from BP on the internet, the idols have really dedicated themselves to recording videos, taking photos, making posts and answering questions from their fans so that they are more than satisfied with everything that is available from the idols for them.

Jisoo is the one who most often appears on Weverse and answers letters, comments, and questions from her fans. The idol takes some of her free time to catch up on what BLINK is saying and almost always has hilarious responses for those who post on said platform.

But this time there was one question in particular that scared Jisoo a bit, maybe BLINK has a sixth sense that BLACKPINK idols haven't been able to figure out yet, what was that question?

Jisoo is scared of BLINK's intuition with this question her fans asked her on Weverse

Jisoo has been responding to various comments on Weverse for a while. The BLACKPINK idol found some interesting questions and things that she could add a comment to. That's how she came up with a question that surprised her and maybe scared her a bit, this was BLINK's comment and Jisoo's answer.

BLINK: How many glasses of milk did you have today??

Jisoo: How did you know that I drank milk today!!

Question to Jisoo on Weverse | Twitter: @BBU_BLACKPINK

 LOL, it seems that BLINK's intuition is highly developed, fans even knew exactly that Jisoo drank milk today, that's what surprised her.

Jisoo also revealed how she gets her pedicure done because BLINK was in doubt

BLINK also asked Jisoo how she got her pedicure, this question had a very funny answer, maybe in the beauty salon or spa they already know the idol very well and were able to give her what she likes. Here we have Jisoo's question and answer.

BLINK: What's the concept of the pedicure

Jisoo: Hmm.. I asked for a pedicure that makes me happier when I watch my feet while taking a lower body bath... a huge request

Jisoo answered the pedicure question too | Twitter: @BBU_BLACKPINK

Have you already joined Weverse to send your letters and questions to Jisoo? Maybe soon I can answer you! On this platform, the idol shows the funniest and most relaxed side of her, we adore her!

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