BLACKPINK will have a full comeback soon BLACKPINK will have a full comeback soon

BLACKPINK's comeback will be with a full album and this excites BLINK

BLINK can't wait for BLACKPINK's comeback anymore and it seems that girl group is working on a full album, when will it be released?

It's been quite a while since BLACKPINK's last comeback and fans can't wait any longer for new music from idols. And it looks like there will be plenty of songs to enjoy on the girl group's upcoming full album release.

BLACKPINK is one of the most important K-Pop groups in the industry, the girls of this band have been determined to show the best of themselves in each of their releases and their music has touched millions of hearts of all their fans around of all the world.

Although it has been some time since BP's last full comeback, Rosé and Lisa, for example, worked solo throughout 2021. Giving BLINK new songs to enjoy even though it was the idols as soloists and not together as usual. 'The Album' was BLACKPINK's last comeback which was released a couple of years ago.

Since then, BLACKPINK fans have been waiting for new music from the group. There were even mixed opinions when YG Entertainment released more girl group merch while BLINK waited for music. But perhaps the wait is almost over and the idol group's comeback will be iconic.

And the best thing is that BLACKPINK's next release could be a full album, not just a single or mini album, which means more songs for BLINK.

BLACKPINK would be working on a full-lenght album for their next comeback

It seems that there will be many new songs from BLACKPINK on their upcoming comeback, as it has been revealed by K-Media that the girl group is working on a full-length album. So it won't be just 1 or 5 songs like a single or mini album. BLINK will have many more new tracks from your favorite K-Pop group.

BLACKPINK will have a full-lenght album comeback | Twitter: @wh0reofpinks

 Maybe we'll have something like 'The Album pt. 2', it will be something just great, we can't wait to hear all the new music from BLACKPINK, this K-Pop group has big surprises for their fans.

When will BLACKPINK's long-awaited comeback be?

There is still no exact date for BLACKPINK's comeback, it was said that it might be during the spring, so it could still start with its teasers and others in the next few days, premiere in May or June maybe. We will have to wait more for the official announcement from the group and YG.

BLACKPINK will have its comeback soon | Twitter: @wh0reofpinks

So we just have to wait, but BLACKPINK's comeback is getting closer and closer, how exciting! The idols will once again take the hearts of all their fans.

Meanwhile maybe you should listen to these BLACKPINK collabs with amazing artists, we have our Top 3, which one is your favorite?

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