BLACKPINK will bring new music for its fans soon BLACKPINK will bring new music for its fans soon

BLACKPINK’s comeback might be closer than we think

BLACKPINK’s members are bringing new music for their fans, are they releasing their comeback soon?

BLINK has been waiting for more music from BLACKPINK and on this year we might enjoy some new songs from this girl group, are the idols ready for a new comeback?

On 2021, we could listen to a lot of music from BLACKPINK idols but as soloists, Rosé brought good music for BLINK at the beginning of the year with ‘-R-’ which had two songs, ‘Gone’ and ‘On The Ground’; later, on the same year, Lisa surprised BLINK with ‘Lalisa’, her solo debut that reached the top on music industry.

But, BLACKPINK fans were still waiting for a new full comeback, the girl group’s latest release was ‘The Album’ on 2020, and even if on 2021 the idols celebrated their fifth anniversary with a special movie, there was no new music for BLINK; but they keep patiently waiting.

This year might have new surprises for all the fans and we can see more music from BLACKPINK in the future, rumors keep growing and we can’t wait for the girl group’s next comeback; it seems to be closer than we think.

BLACKPINK might comeback with new music after next summer

According to K-Media, YG Entertainment’s finances are telling that BLACKPINK might have its long-awaited comeback after summer 2022, as the stock prices for this agency rise, we are seeing that they are resuming activities not only with BP, but also with the boy band BIG BANG that has already confirmed its next comeback.

BLACKPINK is preparing for comeback after next summer | Twitter: @lisasuprmcy

Are you ready for BLACKPINK’s comeback? It’s been really long since the idols as a group released new music for their fans.

What can we expect from the next BLACKPINK’s comeback?

We can’t predict the future, but, as we know, BLACKPINK’s music is always full of quality and this might be the opportunity for YG Entertainment to release another full album from the girl group, and not only a single; hopefully we get to hear more about the idols if they get to write some of their new songs.

We can even wait for collaborations with other worldwide artists, who do you think is going to appear on the next BLACKPINK comeback?

Next BLACKPINK’s comeback will be amazing | Twitter: @heatherjnk

Get ready for BLACKPINK’s new music, the idols might have big surprises for their fans and new hits for their careers.

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