Rosé starts with her recovery after being diagnosed with COVID-19 Rosé starts with her recovery after being diagnosed with COVID-19

BLACKPINK’s Rosé tested positive for COVID-19 and stops her overseas activities

Rosé from BLACKPINK had some activities planned overseas, but she’s not able to accomplish the since she has been diagnosed with COVID-19

BLACKPINK idols have been working on their individual projects, not only on music, since these idols also work with brands on fashion; we can talk about Rosé and her endorsement with Yves Saint Laurent, one of the most sophisticated and important brands around the world.

Even if BLACKPINK hasn’t released new music yet, Rosé has been working also as a model and she keeps updating fans with new photoshoots and selfies on her Instagram account, letting BLINK know what is her working on while fans expect to have more of their favorite girl group on K-Pop.

But, even if the pandemic is not over, Roseanne Park had more activities planned for the next few days, since she hasn’t stopped working; but the idol had to take a PCR test for traveling overseas for her next activities.

Sadly, the results are positive, BLACKPINK’s Rosé is diagnosed with COVID-19, and is starting her recovery. How is the idol’s health right now?

How’s BLACKPINK’s Rosé health condition after being diagnosed with COVID-19?

The K-Pop agency in charge of BLACKPINK, YG Entertainment has established everything about Rosé and her health condition, according to the company, Rosé tested positive for COVID-19 right before her departure overseas, since she had some activities planned around the world.

Rosé is starting with her recovery, her agency revealed that she’s asymptomatic, and that the other BLACKPINK’s members are not sick and are free from any symptom too.

Rosé started with her recovery after being diagnosed with COVID-19 | Twitter: @roseanne_days

As you might know, Lisa had this sickness before, and she had a successful recovery, so we are waiting for Rosé to have a speedy recovery too.

BLINK supports BLACKPINK’s Rosé on her recovery filling her with lovely messages

The BLACKPINK’s fandom, BLINK, is taking social media to wish a good recovery for Rosé, using the hashtag ‘#GetWellSoonROSÉ’, fans are spreading good messages for the idol while she’s starting with her recovery.

As Rosé has started with her recovery and isolation, we are sure she’s gonna be healthy very soon, and with BLINK’s support, she’s gonna feel even better.

Fans are sending messages for Rosé on Twitter | Twitter: @rouposie

If you wanna know more about BLACKPINK, you can read some fun facts about the idol group, get to know everything about these stars.

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