BLACKPINK's Rose shares the sweetest photos with her mom

The main vocalist of BLACKPINK is melting BLINK hearts. You have to see Rose's photos with her mom.

BLACKPINK fame is gigant. The members have conquered amazing achievements with their music. However the girls always demonstrated their feet are on the ground..

All the members of the group have confessed they are family oriented. Their lovely relationship with their parents is well known by their fandom.

In recent days Rose is melting down the hearts of the people with her latest post on Instagram. This is what she revealed.

Rose from BLACKPINK have the sweetest relationship with her mom

On April 20 the main vocalist of BLACKPINK, Rose posted some sweet pictures with her mom, and a short comment:

mummy & I

On her personal Instagram account the singer revealed a photo of her childhood. We can see little Rose receiving a kiss from her mother.

Rose and her mom / Instagram @roses_are_rosie

In other pictures we can see two hands wearing the same bracelet. Apparently Rose and her mom wear a couple accessories.

Rose's post / Instagram @roses_are_rosie

The bracelets were designed by the luxurious jewelry brand Tiffany & Co.

Rose's post / Instagram @roses_are_rosie

The Idol added a recommetation with a hashtags #TiffanyPartners and #LoveYourMothers.

What do you think, BLINK? We are not crying, you are crying!

Are you curious about the romantic life of BLACKPINK? Read the rules of the members.

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