BLACKPINK's Rose shares her thoughts about the group and her solo music

Rose of BLACKPINK has talked about the group and her passion for music. This is what she said.

BLACKPINK is one of the most popular girl groups in the world. The members have conquered big marks with their music, individually and as an aggrupation. The last project of  the group was released in 2020, even though BLACKPINK is in hiatus their members took the stage with their solo music.

Lisa dropped the hits "LALISA" and "Money" having great responses in the stream platforms. It wasn't a surprise as soon as the music star everyone wanted to dance like her.

On the other hand, Rose began her solo music career with "On the ground" in March 2021. It debuted in Billboard Hot 100 at No.70. and took the first place in more than 50 countries in iTunes. Her music without any doubt is the reflection of her talent and hard work.

If the girls can get those results on their own, sometimes BLINK can be a little worried with the hiatus of the group. But recently Rosé talked about it to comfort the hearts of the fans. This is what she said.

Rose for Harper's BAZAAR / By @rosieIovey

What does Rose think about the relation between BLACKPINK and her solo music? 

The main vocalist of BLACKPINK will be on the cover of the magazine Harper's BAZAAR Korea for the May edition. For the interview the Idol was asked about her music career and she expressed how important it is.

The stage is really fun. Sometimes I enjoy it and sometimes I don't but I feel like it's where I need to be.

She also revealed ho the music woks for her:

I think it's the closest way to express my mind

Rose for Harper's BAZAAR Korea / By @npomvtt

About her goals as a singer she said:

I want to be someone who expresses freely when I sing, wherever place and moment it is.

The artist's response to the question "When do you feel the most comfortable?" was:

"Definitely when I'm with the members (of BLACKPINK), these days I'm feelin it more. As the time passes it feels like more like a family.

The artist said she  is living her childhood dream

The age I am living is the adulthood imagen that I dreamed of when I was a teenager.

We can feel the passion of Rose. What do you think, BLINK?

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