Rosé is an Elvis Presley fan Rosé is an Elvis Presley fan

BLACKPINK's Rosé reveals her fanaticism for Elvis Presley, how did he inspire her?

Did you know that Rosé is a fan of the King of Rock & Roll? This BLACKPINK member revealed more about how Elvis Presley inspired her

BLACKPINK's Rosé not only loves making music, but also listening to it and maybe Elvis Presley is one of her favorite artists, that's how she revealed her fanaticism for this legendary Rock & Roll singer.

BLACKPINK is an awesome and very cool idol group. The members of this band are extremely talented and very passionate about their work. One of the girls who is part of BP is Roseanne Park, who auditioned in Australia for YG Entertainment and when she was accepted into the agency she moved to Korea.

Even before she became a trainee, Rosé was already passionate about music. As a hobby, she learned to play some musical instruments like guitar and piano. In addition to the fact that she also sang exceptionally from a young age, her father noticed her talent and was the one who encouraged her to audition and become an idol.

This is why in music, Rosé can have different inspirations and role models. Since she was a child, she loved music and dedicated herself to learning how to play it. She has a special talent and there is no doubt that she combined her tastes with her own style very well to become a unique singer.

Did you know that Rosé is a fan of Elvis Presley? The BLACKPINK idol revealed more about her love for the King of Rock & Roll and how he inspired her within her work in music and on stage.

BLACKPINK's Rosé is a huge Elvis Presley fan, that's how the King of Rock & Roll inspired her

BLACKPINK's Rosé was interviewed especially for the upcoming Elvis documentary film, in which she revealed her fanaticism for the King of Rock & Roll. She said that since she was a child she and her sister used to listen to his songs, she also said that the first song she remembers from him is 'Houng Dog', a classic of this singer.

He inspired me to be that glamourous


So now you know how much Rosé loves Elvis, he is a great singer who made history and became a music legend that this idol also admires.

Rosé had previously shown her love for Elvis Presley with this cover

Previously, Rosé released a cover of Elvis Presley's song 'Can't Help Falling I Love'. She plays the piano while singing this sweet track from the singer. So she really had already shown the world how much she admires this music legend.

We love this version of Rosé, it's nice to see her showing her love for other artists and learning more about their musical influences and inspirations.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK, the idol group has a great record in brand reputation ranking that no one can overcome. 

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