Rosé is fully recovered from COVID-19 and out of quarantine Rosé is fully recovered from COVID-19 and out of quarantine

BLACKPINK's Rosé recovers from COVID-19, she's out of quarantine

It seems that Rosé's health is better now, this BLACKPINK member is fully recovered and BLINK can't be happier 

Rosé from BLACKPINK recovered successfully from COVID-19, the idol stayed at home and had a good treatment, now her health condition is better.

Even if the pandemic is not over yet, a lot of idols kept working and with their activities, most of them got vaccinated and it seemed like there was no danger at all. But sad news of the sickness keep spreading all over K-Pop industry, last week we got to know that BLACKPINK's Rosé was diagnosed with COVID-19.

BLACKPINK fans got worried about Roseanne, and they sent her the best wishes, praying for a speedy recovery. Even if the girl group hasn't released new music yet, its members have a lot of activities, with fashion brands, as models and even as soloists.

That's why maybe they can't stay at home at all, since they have a lot of work and need to be in contact with more people. Anyways, Rosé started with her recovery period, YG Entertainment said that the idol didn't have symptoms but she needed to be in quarantine.

Now, it seems like Rosé is not sick anymore, BLACKPINK's agency reveals everything about this artist's health condition and BLINK has good news.

BLACKPINK's Rosé is not sick anymore, she's free from COVID-19

YG Entertainment released a staent about Rosé's health condition, the agency says that she's not sick anymore, she's fully recovered after taking care of herself at home and taking another test which disarded the sickness. She didn't had symptoms at all during her recovery period.

Rosé is fully recovered from COVID-19 | Twitter: @ultrosechaeng

Yaay! It's good to know that Rosé is fully recovered right now and she will resume the activities that the idol had to reschedule since she was sick.

Rosé celebrates her recovery with her first vlog

 Rosé shared a new vlog, it's a baking video which it seems it was recorded before the idol got sick, but she decided to release it the same day that her recovery was announced. On this vlog you'd watch her have some fun and take baking classes, how good are her skills in the kitchen?

A lot of good news for BLINK, Rosé's fully recovered and now has a new section for vlogs on her YouTube Channel, the fandom is happier than ever.

And if you wanna know more aout BLACKPINK, we tell you who in the band has the best English, are they all fluente in the language? 

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