Rosé is at this special Tiffany & Co.'s event Rosé is at this special Tiffany & Co.'s event

BLACKPINK's Rosé is the guest of Tiffany and Co. at this special event in London

As an ambassador for Tiffany & Co., Rosé will be present at a major event to be held in London

The members of BLACKPINK are not only making an impact in music, but also in fashion, which is why Rosé will be Tiffany & Co.'s guest of honor at a new event.

BLACKPINK and its members have gained a lot of fame and popularity thanks to the great work these artists do in music. The 4 girls of this girl group are really talented and BLINK loves and admires every new song and performance that the idols release.

One of the members of BP is Rosé, a girl who traveled all the way from Australia to fulfill her dream and dedicate herself to something she is truly passionate about, music. Roseanne is very skilled musically, not only can she sing angelically but she can also play some instruments. She writes her songs and also composes for BLINK.

In addition to having an impact on music, Rosé also impacts the world of fashion and beauty. This is why the luxury jewelry and goldsmith brand Tiffany & Co. chose her as a brand ambassador. In 2021, Roseanne modeled for the brand and looked stunning wearing various pieces of jewelry.

This year, Rosé is still confirmed as one of Tiffany & Co.'s favorites, as the jewelry brand invited her to a very special event, what will it be about?

BLACKPINK's Rosé is the special guest of Tiffany & Co. at the brand's new exhibition in London

Tiffany & Co. will have an exhibition on June 10 in London, the jewelry brand specially invited BLACKPINK's Rosé to this great event since she is an ambassador of the company. The event is about to take place due to the time difference. And Roseanne is already sharing all about it on her Instagram stories.

Rosé is excited for this exhibition | Instagram: @roses_are_rosie

In a couple of hours we will be able to see more photos of the idol in this exhibition, how exciting! She will surely be wearing Tiffany & Co. jewelry and will look more than beautiful at this important event.

 Rosé could also appear in a Yves Saint Laurent exhibition in London

While on June 12, Yves Saint Laurent, another of the brands for which Rosé works, will also have an exhibition in London, so perhaps the idol will take the opportunity of her stay in England and also attend this other event of another of the brands for which she is an ambassador.

Rosé might be in this Yves Saint Laurent exhibition too | Twitter: @rosedailyupdate

Maybe some BLINKs in London can see Rosé now that she's there for a big event, she's always ready and on top of her game with the brands she's an ambassador for.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members, like Jennie who is such a big inspiration for the members of LIGHTSUM. 

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