BLACKPINK's Rose and Rosalía BLACKPINK's Rose and Rosalía

BLACKPINK's Rose gets another celebrity follower on TikTok: Rosalia

BLACKPINK is a massive sensation on TikTok. The Spanish singer Rosalia now follows Rose on this platform.

BLACKPINK's music is really good! Every single song this group dropped became an instant success. No one can forget the catchy dance of "DDU-DU DDU-DU". What about the awesome outfits and beats of "How You Like That"? Maybe you like even more the cheerful "Ice Cream".

The K-pop sensation has a great song for all the tastes. We are sure that you have a favorite one that you keep streaming nonstop. Despite the group being on hiatus, its music is still all over social media.

BLACKPINK for 'Ice Cream' K/ Twitter @dlodyhh

BLINK has been waiting for the label YG Entertainment to announce the comeback of the group. However, there is no news about it. The members revealed that they are working on new music but there is no date release.

At least the members are always in touch with the fans via social media. The Instagram photos of the Idols are the best gift for the fans. On the other hand, nowadays the world is in love with the TikTok videos of these ladies. Rosalia is now following Rose!

The singer Rosalia is now following BLACKPINK's Rose on TikTok

On June 4th the super start Rosalia followed Rose from BLACKPINK on TikTok. The Spanish songwriter is now joining the 26.5 million followers family of the Idol on this platform.

Singer Rosalia / Twitter @RosaliaInfoES

Usually, we see the cooler side of Rose in the scenarios. At the same time, her sweet and warm voice is the protagonist of her performances. Nevertheless, in her TikTok videos, the Idol shows her most playful facet.

Her latest video with Jennie and Lisa is viral and tons of people are recreating it. Now that Rosalia is following Rose the fanatics are happy with just the ideal of these talented ladies in a collab. Would you like to listen to a project of the singers together?

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