Rosé had a difficult time while being a trainee Rosé had a difficult time while being a trainee

BLACKPINK's Rosé confessed what was the hardest thing during her time as a trainee

Before joining BLACKPINK, Rosé had to prepare hard as a YG Entertainment trainee

What was the hardest thing for Rosé during her time as a trainee? This was what she had to go through before becoming a BLACKPINK idol.

The members of BLACKPINK are extremely talented, powerful stars with great charm for music and the stage. One of them is Roseanne Park, she has been a music lover for a long time and this is what led her to pursue her dream of becoming an idol.

In 2012, Rosé joined YG Entertainment as a trainee and later debuted in a K-Pop agency girl group. The father of this artist was the one who encouraged her and took her to the auditions, since from a very young age she had a fondness for singing and playing instruments. So for her father, this was the sign that she could work on something that she was passionate about.

At that time, Rosé lived in Australia, and when she was accepted by YG, she had to move out of the country and travel to Korea in order to fulfill her new dream of being an idol. This surely was a big change in the life of a young Roseanne who was used to her family and being in a different place.

But what was the most difficult thing for Rosé during her time as a trainee? The BLACKPINK idol remembers those days and what she thought would be the end of the dream that she was longing for so much.

What was the most difficult thing for Rosé in her time as a trainee? She went through this to be a part of BLACKPINK

Rosé says that when she first entered YG Entertainment as a trainee, she met many other girls who had been preparing to debut for years. This made her feel at a disadvantage, as she wasn't sure she could keep up with them or catch up with them being new to the agency. She didn't want to go back to Australia because she was kicked out of the company, so she only had one option: Fight.

I left and I didn’t want to fly back to Australia without having achieved anything, and I think it was a good drive. Just the fact that I had flown all the way from Australia gave me more strength and determination to strive

Rosé had to fight during her time as a trainee | Twitter: @BLACKPINKGLOBAL

 So it really wasn't easy for Rosé but she definitely made it and we are more than happy for her, she has accomplished a lot since then and shines bright with her talent with BP.

How long was Rosé a trainee before debuting with BLACKPINK?

Rosé was a YG Entertainment trainee for 4 years and 2 months before debuting with BLACKPINK and finally becoming an idol. She joined the agency in 2012 and BP debuted in 2016. So all her efforts were worth it after all. These years with Rosé have been phenomenal.

Rosé trained for more than 4 years | Twitter: @BLACKPINKGLOBAL

We are very happy to know that Rosé never gave up and fought to make her dream come true, we love her work as an artist, whether with BLACKPINK or as a solo artist.

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