Celebrating ten years with BLACKPINK's Rosé Celebrating ten years with BLACKPINK's Rosé

BLACKPINK's Rosé celebrates 10 years in music, how did she get to YG Entertainment?

It's been 10 years since Rosé started working on her dreams as a YG Entertainment trainee, how did this BLACKPINK idol become a trainee?

BLACKPINK is a group full of talented girls, and Rosé is proof of that, get to know more about her history as she celebrates her 10th anniversary in music.

BLACKPINK has members who are extremely talented, passionate, and dedicated to music. On many occasions they have proven to not only beat many other artists, but always improve themselves as well. Their great history has been worth it and they know that their popularity and fame is only the result of their efforts.

In BP we can find Rosé, a simply magnificent girl, she was born in Auckland, New Zealand on February 11, 1997. From a very young age she was really interested in music and learned to play the piano and the guitar as well as showing that she had an angelic voice to sing.

Roseanne's journey into music is quite long considering this. And not only that she was already dedicated to it even before she debuted with BLACKPINK, but also because of her country of origin. She had to travel to Korea in order to fulfill her dream and become an artist.

How did Rosé join YG Entertainment? Here we tell you the story of this BLACKPINK idol that started 10 years ago, that's how she became a trainee and later debuted with her girl group.

How did Rosé join YG Entertainment? The story of the BLACKPINK idol began 10 years ago

Rosé joined YG Entertainment through the K-Pop agency's audition in New Zealand. Roseanne's dad realized that she had a special gift for music and that it was something she was really passionate about, so he encouraged her and even took her so she could enter the contest and join the agency.

So, Rosé was only 16 years old and the agency called her later so that in 2 more months, she would travel to Korea to start preparing as a trainee.

Rosé in her audition for YG Entertainment | Twitter: @Kchartsofflcial

In 2012, Rosé came to YG Entertainment and started preparing to debut with BLACKPINK. She spent 4 years preparing herself to be able to shine on stage. She is now not only an artist for her girl group, she also debuted as a solo artist.

BLINK celebrates #TenYearsWithROSÉ on Twitter, congratulating Rosé on her work in music

 BLACKPINK's fandom can't be left out, which is why BLINK is trending Twitter with the hashtag '#TenYearsWithROSÉ' to celebrate Rosé on her 10th anniversary since joining YG Enertainment. Fans send the cutest messages to the idol.

Ten Years with Rosé on Twitter | Twitter: @annoyyyouuu

You too celebrate with Rosé and wish her a very happy 10th anniversary, she has had a long journey in music and we hope to have much more from her in the future.

And speaking about future, we can see BLACKPINK's comeback in the future and here's a sing why it is closer than ever. 

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