BLACKPINK's Rose appears with new stunning hairstyle, you'll want to try it

BLACKPINK is coming back! Rose has prepared a new look for the promotions. You have to try this cool hairstyle.

BLACKPINK is coming back with a new album! Millions of fans all over the world are excited about it. At the same time, the general public is looking to Korea because of this anticipated project.

The K-pop sensation dropped "The Album" in October 2020. Finally, the hiatus has come to an end. Since BLACKPINK releases nothing but hits, everyone has high expectations for its upcoming music.

BLACKPINK members / Twitter @lalalalisawifey

Also, the members are well known as global influencers. These fashion icons will be creating new trends while promoting their album. Rose is starting this era, her new hairstyle is driving crazy the Internet.

BLACKPINK's Rose unleashes euphoria on the Intenet with her new hairstyle

On August 2nd Rose and Jisoo of BLACKPINK were spotted at the "Hunt" premiere. The Idols attended the event to support Jisoo's "Snowdrop" colleague Kim Jong Soo. Even if there were no quality pictures, BLINK eagle eyes can't be fooled.


Rose was wearing a casual black outfit and a ponytail. Anyways, this time the fans noticed that had a small change for her hair. The Idol has platinum blonde hair but almost at the back of the neck the color changes to black.

Rose's new hair color / Twitter @BPINKLATINO

Immediately, this unique two-tone color of hair drove the Internet crazy. The debate started in Korea, but it is already all over international social media. BLINK is now even more curious about the comeback of the group.

Mostly, the fans are loving this new hair color. The fandom is wondering if she will finally change her hair color. Rose usually has blonde hair. Anyways, she looks gorgeous in any color. Do you like this look?

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